Questioning Greek Exceptionalism

Past/ Future presentations

A number of public meetings/ presentations have already taken place as part of this project.

In February 2007, a one-day colloquium with the title 'Against Greek Exceptionalism' (organized by Effie Rentzou, Constanze Güthenke and Dimitris Papanikolaou) was held at Princeton with speakers from the US, England and Greece; as it turned out, this was the first event of what became an exploratory research project jointly funded in the framework of the Oxford Princeton Joint Research Partnership which the two universities run together.

In October 2007, we offered a panel at the Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium held at Yale, under the title ‘Questioning Greek Exceptionalism’. In that panel we presented some of the issues, questions, and themes that had arisen from the first colloquium and from the subsequent discussion it had generated.

On this website you can find the introductory text presented at the MGSA panel, co-authored by Constanze Güthenke and Dimitris Papanikolaou; in addition, we have posted the two individual short position papers that made up the reminder of the panel.

One of our aims, from the outset, had been to encourage dialogue and a discussion beyond the spatial and temporal confines of conferences, and to this end we are now introducing an electronic forum, where we hope to publish contributions so as to reach and engage with a wider audience and stimulate new discussion.

At this stage we would like to focus further on exceptionalist discourses as they produce knowledge and as they operate within Modern Greek Studies, i.e. within its institutions and the paradigmatic discursive strategies currently operating in the field.

In a dedicated conference in November 2008, we are planning to address how exceptionalist discourses operate in public perception and popular culture in Greece.


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