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Women and death: Representations of women victims and perpetrators in German culture ( 1500-2000), ed. by Helen Fronius & Anna Linton

(Camden House, 2008)

Table of contents

  1. Introduction (Anna Linton & Helen Fronius)
  2. Death and the maiden—a German topic? (Stefanie Knöll)
  3. Murdering mothers in Bible stories and fairy tales (Ruth B. Bottigheimer)
  4. Literary representations of virgin sacrifice—Iphigenia and Jephthah’s daughter (Anna Linton)
  5. Mourning and violence: Kriemhild’s incorporated memory (Bettina Bildhauer)
  6. Narratives of dismembering women, 1600-1800 (Mary Lindemann)
  7. Images of infanticide in the eighteenth century (Helen Fronius)
  8. Mourning with a female heart? Grief and gender in the late eighteenth century (Anna Richards)
  9. Female vampires, victimhood, and vengeance in German literature around 1800 (Jürgen Barkhoff)
  10. Murderous women in German opera (Lawrence Kramer)
  11. Sphinx, Salome and femme fatale: representations of women as sexual killers in early twentieth-century art (Kathrin Hoffmann-Curtius)
  12. Media representations of Vera Brühne as femme fatale (Clare Bielby)
  13. The process of mourning in the work of two contemporary women poets (Gisela Ecker)