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Dying Amazon by Franz von Stuck

Dying Amazon by Franz von Stuck,1905 (Harvard University)




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The Core Group is composed of twenty members, the Steering Committee, two postgraduate students and thirteen further scholars, whose research interests span German literature from 1500 to the present day and a wide range of other disciplines: history of German thought and political ideas (Puw Davies, Saul and Vilain), German literary history (Kord and Woodford), history of medicine (Richards and Lindemann), history of law (Lindemann), theology (Anderson and Linton), funeral ritual (Bepler), music (Vilain), film (Morgan), art (Knöll and Vilain), anthropology (Barkhoff) and the gender-based study of death (Bronfen and Ecker). Artistic representation forms a key element in the work of all these researchers.

The thirteen further scholars are:

The two postgraduate students are:

  • Clare Bielby (University of Edinburgh)
  • Abigail Dunn (University of Oxford)