New podcasts now available: Panel Sessions 1, 2, and 3! (25 June 2014)




Podcast & Publication

Welcome to the Performing Medieval Text podcast page!

We are very happy to make available audio recordings of the papers given at Performing Medieval Text, hosted at Merton College in May 2013. Over the coming year, the individual papers will be uploaded here as well as on the University of Oxford’s podcast portal. The papers will be grouped into their original panel sessions, and they will be released in intervals of roughly three months:

Performing Song in Context – October 2013
Performance: Concept, Context, Genre – December 2013
Manuscripts as Performance – March 2014
Keynote 1: Why Job Was Not a Musician (Prof. Dr Franz Körndle) – July 2014
Keynote 2: From Stage to Page (Dr Florence Bourgne) – September 2014
Performance Transformed – October 2014 

Some of the songs from the conference concert will also be made available alongside the presentations.

The conference was characterised by its interdisciplinary spirit and engaging atmosphere, establishing new links between upcoming generations of scholars and established academics from Oxford, the UK, and further afield. The opening address given by the conference’s organisers Pauline Souleau and Henry Hope, and the welcome extended to delegates by Dr Daniel Grimley on behalf of Merton College capture some of this enthusiasm (listen here).

If you can’t wait for the remaining podcasts to be uploaded, click here to read the conference report published in Early Music (subscription required).


The links will redirect you to the Performing Medieval Text Youtube channel on which each podcast is hosted.

Welcome Address

Panel Session 1

Annemari Ferreira, Tið, Tiðindi: The Phenomenology of Skaldic Poetry in Egils Saga
Jennifer Rushworth, The Psalms and Dante’s Purgatory
Moritz Kelber, Advenisti desiderabilis: Emperor Charles V as the Saviour of True Faith
Almut Suerbaum, Response

Supplementary Materials (Panel Session 1)

Jennifer Rushworth, Handout

Panel Session 2

Uri Smilansky, The Multi-Dimensional Text: a Thought Experiment around Machaut's De Bonté de Valour (V10)
Matthew Cheung Salisbury, Performance, Performativity, and the Medieval Liturgical Act
Steffen Hope, The King's Liturgical Image
Sophie Marnette/Helen Swift, Response

Panel Session 3

Sophie Burton, Archiving Chant: Triplet Masses in Benevento, Biblioteca Capitolare MS 40 [not available for copyright reasons]
Rachel Sullivan, Performing Manuscripts: Rhyme Braces in Medieval Play MSS
Jack Hartnell, Embodied Bodies: Performing Medieval Surgery and Performing Medieval Art History [not available for copyright reasons]
Jessica Berenbeim, Response

Concert, Ensemble Leones

The Song of the Nibelungs, 1st Adventure/Estampie
Ja nus hons pris
Sol sub nube latuit/Do man den gumpel gampel sanc



Hoping to continue the interest generated by Performing Medieval Text, we are in the process of publishing an edited volume of articles, which present developed research inspired by the conference theme. We aim to finalise contract negotations with publishing houses in mid-Summer 2014, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel that this project may be of interest to your publishing house, or if you would like to contribute to this volume!